MCU Api Updates

Due to vacationing, the activity has not been the greatest here. However, we managed to fix some issues in the API, that was recentely discovered. The “next”-request sometimes lists upcoming tvshows/movies in incorrect order. This happens because the sort order is set to return data in “MCU Time order” instead of “Premiere Time order”.

In the next-request we’ve also added the ability to only show “next tv-show” and “next-movie” respectively, since we sometimes wants to know which movie is next in order, or just only next episode of a season.

One third fix we’ve also added to the API, is that IMDB data per episode (if season) is returned too, together with the main entry of the entire season (or movie). This caused a temporary performance issue that also has been fixed now.

We’re still working on a snapshot example (react), but since we’ve been a bit busy this has fallen out of the plans a bit. However, there’s a very minor view (currently categories only) in the API-webinterface. If you want to contribute and build a sample page, please feel free to do it and we may also present it in the API as a part of the documentation.

Open API: MCU Timeline is now available

The first documentation for the MCU Timeline API can be found at the link below. Currently the API is completely open and available for anyone that wants to check it out! There is currently no demo, since the project is entirely new. There are however a “snapshot” of the content that resides in the database that the API uses, which can be seen at The snapshot is just a part of the API, and by using the API there will be much more data to reach.

Full API documentation.

New updated timeline for the MCU

Yesterday, the work with database migration was completed for the old timeline located here. The work now starts with documenting the API that is ready to get requests. It also has to be published and not only be in a development state. There is however a snapshot open to view already, which has direct access to the database list (outside the API) – where we simply just list the MCU timeline as is. This timeline has also newer entries and information than the manually documented at the prior site.

You find the link below!

Status Update: The MCU Timeline/Movielist API

The API we’re building? Well, it’s gone very far already – as the matter of fact, most of the database requests are already in place – requestable. However, the data is till required to be there to make it all searchable. The plan is to keep on entering data into the database today/this evening, until all of the data from is finished.

The API itself is still located at the test server but fully functional. The plans is to move it to a stable production service ASAP so it can be maintained online from now into the future.

Do you have ideas for the MCU API?

Yeah, we’ve just included a search function in the MCU API. Parts of the API, when communicating with it, will automatically fetch some basic info from IMDB what will make the API partially searchable with a “find”-request.

If you have further ideas of what to include in a generic API for the MCU, feel free to get in touch! You can do it via the contact page.

For example, if you want to fetch all MCU related movies where Chris Evans has been an actor you can simply run a request like this: /api/mcu/find/Evans.

The finder API will then look for the data in some of the selected columns that will be returned in the request like this (be aware that the URL in the screenshot is a development server and is not guaranteed to always work). The database is also currently incomplete as this is built on tests.