About earth616.org


If you feel strong needs to contribute to this site, feel free send an e-mail to info@earth616.org. We’re also currently on both Facebook and Twitter.

About earth616.org

Earth616.org was historically supposed to host a list of all the MCU Phases in a proper timeline, mostly since noone didn’t seem to have a properly maintained list. At most places, timelines, schedules and movie lists tended to be outdated and articles once written were no longer updated by the original poster. So I decided to maintain a list myself, after trying to keep track of everything via a notepad document.

The document however crashed and went M.I.A, so the project was rebooted with the help of Atlassian Confluence. One day, I realized that the best way to promote this project, was to go active with the help of WordPress, to make people stay longer and acknowledge the site.

And here we are, now…

The hosting

This website are hosted and supported by Tornevall Networks via the WordPress-platform. For any technical disturbances, use that channel.