The first two WandaVision episodes, first mini review.

I liked how WandaVision started. Like another weird season from DC’s Legends of Tomorrow but initially with a calmer pace. It’s a strong contrast compared to Avengers: Endgame, and I get a better feeling of the aftermath, while the show is going on. Without being to much of a spoilery, the S.W.O.R.D. logo also follows a few times on screen which makes this much more exciting. For those who has’nt followed Marvel frantically, this logo probably don’t say much. But for the other of us, this is a confirmation of that “new era” Marvel has spoken so much about.

As many of you probably hasn’t seen the episodes yet, we’ll stop our analysis here. But, below the images, we have added breakdowns of each episode for you to check, that has been analyzed by our two favorite Marvel channels, Emergency Awesome and New Rockstars.

Episode 1 – Emergency Awesome.
Episode 2 – Emergency Awesome.
Episode 1 – New Rockstars.
Episode 2 – New Rockstars.

MCU: Saturday maintenance and new release date for WandaVision S01E02

Since WandaVision is set for a double-header premiere next week (meaning, two episodes will be released instead of just one), we’ve also updated the MCU timeline with new release dates. The timeline is now also expanded with the full list of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with IMDB references since they’ve been missing in the list. That said, the schedule is filled with series until the end of april and the followed by Black Widow. Morbius will be released between the series, but is currently not counted due to the circumstances (Sony and the fact that Morbius may only be vaguely related to the MCU).

Jimmy Kimmel – WandaVision – presents a 1960’s bewitched episode

Elisabeth Olsen is currently in London, supposed to film for Doctor Strange 2, but since the hospitals are overwhelmed due to COVID-19 (London is experiencing a second strict lockdown), they can’t go back to work which may mean there could be delays.

Jimmy Kimmel talks with her regarding fan theories and WandaVision. Unfortunately, Elisabeth, can’t tell much that isn’t already revealed – and the only thing we still surely know is that Wanda and Vision are living their sitcom dreams. They have all the american sitcoms, starting with the 1950’s a la Dick Van Dyke (which they also filmed in front of a live studio audience).

Questions like if Vision’s tie is a clue is unanswered and Elisabeth explains that even if the easter eggs – even if they were real, they’d go way above her head. She also denies the fact that WandaVision is built on the popular comic book House of M with the response: “Our prop guy Russel would be a very clever man if he put that in”. Which in fact can caused by the way easter eggs are being broadcast to the fans (except for the regular restrictions that disallows the actors to reveal information). So there are plenty standard denials amongst the fan theory questions. Emergency Awesome is breaking down this here.

The Jimmy Kimmel show also presents a first never-before-seen clip, from a 1960’s Bewitched episode (see below with the full video from Jimmy Kimmel) from the series. It is extracted from the Jimmy Kimmel show just below the youtube-clip.

Deadpool 3 vs Spider-Man

According to a portugese site, Tom Holland wants to be in Deadpool 3 as Spider-Man. The idea is fantasic since there could reside continuity in such thing and also follow comic book timelines. But with the Sony rights behind our backs, where Spider-Man is currently just borrowed to the MCU, how possible would this be to really happen?

According to the above linked site, there are also (very loose) rumours about Deadpool 4 in development which also is mentioned here. The rumour has been started by an insider – Daniel Richtman – at Patreon. But for a real confirmation, we’d have to wait.

There are neither any indication of the Spider-Man/Deadpool scenario happening anytime soon, but according to the insider Daniel Richtman, Tom Holland had shown the interest in Deadpool 3.

Another new trailer for WandaVision released

Featuring original theme songs by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez! This post will probably get updated when the trailer reaches Facebook and Youtube. There are new content in this video so it might be a good idea to stay sharp and check out Emergency Awesome and New Rockstars for breakdowns.

Two weeks until premiere – trailers are still dropping out from twitter

The twitter accounts WandaVision and Marvel Studios is dropping pleny of trailers right now. Here’s a smaller sum up of what’s published the last hours! One of the messages is about following the twitter account, that will contain new episodes (The WandaVision account).

Also, there are new posters out. Check them out below! Monica Rambeau and Agatha Harkness is included.

If you want to see what’s publised this far, go here and look!

Informative tweet of where to look for new episodes.

And one on Disney Channel!

So, now there’s only two weeks left!

Two weeks left!

How did Deadpool know about Logan?

I’ve been thinking of the timeline after reading an article from itechpost that also matches with the data on

It states the order of how Deadpool 2 and Logan plays out together in chronological order. This said, it’s been quite a mission to complete the “occuring movie years” for the X-men Legacy since Fox practically destroyed the timelines with reboots and such – and I’m much aware of the fact that Deadpool 2 occurs long before Logan.

I’m of course also aware of the default 4th walling here and that Deadpool might know about those events due to this. And I guess that there has been quite a time traveling, according to the post credit scenes since then. But shouldn’t this occur in some kind of reverse order? If Deadpool 2 begins with a “Death of Logan” reference, and ends with Deadpool time traveling – how could he possibly know?