MCU Api Updates

Due to vacationing, the activity has not been the greatest here. However, we managed to fix some issues in the API, that was recentely discovered. The “next”-request sometimes lists upcoming tvshows/movies in incorrect order. This happens because the sort order is set to return data in “MCU Time order” instead of “Premiere Time order”.

In the next-request we’ve also added the ability to only show “next tv-show” and “next-movie” respectively, since we sometimes wants to know which movie is next in order, or just only next episode of a season.

One third fix we’ve also added to the API, is that IMDB data per episode (if season) is returned too, together with the main entry of the entire season (or movie). This caused a temporary performance issue that also has been fixed now.

We’re still working on a snapshot example (react), but since we’ve been a bit busy this has fallen out of the plans a bit. However, there’s a very minor view (currently categories only) in the API-webinterface. If you want to contribute and build a sample page, please feel free to do it and we may also present it in the API as a part of the documentation.

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