Major updates in the Earth616 API

Today we’ve made a major upgrade to the database entries in the Earth616 MCU-API. All titles that contained a season number and an episode has been cleaned up, to better match the way we want to show data from the responses. Instead, the snapshot API is now creating padded badges as the image below and by means, the title will also take less space in its own container:

As you can see this applies to all of the content too, which has slight changes in the titling. As a step in this progress there might eventually be some updates in the API here too, where the show’s name will be separated from it’s longer titling if they remain this size. But that will be another chapter in this story.

We however created an extra column for this data to be transferred to, meaning if there is both a title and an “extratitle” in the content, you may want to use both..

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