WandaVision Episode 8+9 breakdown update – and another episode 10 analyze

As we are leaving this weekend, there are also new breakdowns – both for episode 8 and the upcoming finale trailer of WandaVision. We are collecting our top favorite breakdowns here, as usual!

Emergency Awesome – Episode 8.
Emergency Awesome – Episode 9 Trailer Breakdown.
New Rockstars – Episode 8 breakdowns.

How about an Episode 10?

No. Disney+ did clarify that the next weeks episode is the absolute finale, by a new and better tweet. Earth-616 mentioned this yesterday here, with a headsup that next week after the finale will be filled with plenty of content even if the season streaming taking a break.

How about a season 2?

Charlie Schneider (Emergency Awesome) brought up this in the latest breakdown, telling that there are no season 2 under development. With Kevin Feige mentioned, he also quotes “Not developing season 2 right now, but never say never”.

Marvel Studios announcements for march 2021, a quick look

Estado-Providência (@___mellowed___) | Twitter

Many of us wonder if there will be a tenth episode of WandaVision since the finale next week will otherwise leave a gap the following week after that. Disney recently released a list over what’s coming in march, and “Marvel Studios: Avante” is one of those announcements. This also makes us believe that a tenth episode is most unlikely to happen. The announcement is described as below:

Marvel Studios Avante is an immersive documentary series that analyzes the creation of new programs and new films from Marvel Studios. The first episode will be about the successful WandaVision.

However, there are also further, more official announcements, of a docuseries callled “Making of WandaVision”, which may be correct title of “Avante” (unconfirmed). This leaves us with plenty of material during the gap, as the next episode of “Marvel Studios: Legends” also continues to stream four more episodes, with Falcon and The Winter Soldier as a theme.

There has also been speculations of a tenth episode due to a Disney Plus statement, that vaguely insinuates that there are “only two episodes left” and the count of episodes leaves us open with an open goal of (sometimes stupid) guesses, whether “two episodes left” includes the current eight episode or not. Tha unofficial statements are actually a long shot, since we believe that the gap will already be filled with the above announcements.

And with a fresh memory, Marvel Studios: Legends happened the week before the WandaVision premiere in a similar way – which also leaves us with a new question: Will Falcon and The Winter Soldier get the same premiere schedule?

Spider-Man 3 movie title revealed and release dates for Loki updated

The Spider-Man Sequel title is finally revealed to be “No way home”, and finally we no longer have to listed to strange guesses on the great guessing internet!

We also finally have a official release date statement from Marvel Studios when the Loki series starts streaming on Disney+. https://mcu.earth616.org/ is therefore also updated with those latest updates.

Here’s the trailers!

New breakdowns from WandaVision episode 7 – Sorry about the absence, we were moving

This last weekend Earth-616 were moving to a new home – not virtually, but physically (a new apartmant). We had a short downtime, and unfortunately we’ve been busy with reconnecting ourselves to the feeds we monitor. Meanshile, during saturday and sunday both Emergency Awesome and New Rockstars released a few videos for Episode 7 (Breaking the fourth wall).

The title makes me think of Deadpool by the way. However, since we’ve lost a few days here’s a few links to the latest breakdowns. Now, we have quite a bit of material to keep up with.

Emergency Awesome
WandaVision Epiosde 7 Marvel TOP 10 Breakdown and ending explained.
WandaVision Episode 8 Trailer and Post Credit Scene Breakdown.

Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer – WandaVision and Iron Man Armor Wars.

New Rockstars
WandaVision Episode 7 breakdown.

An interview worth watching – Director Matt Shakman

A few days ago Collider uploaded an interview with WandaVision Director Matt Shakman. Overall, the interview is interesting even though that Matt is very good not telling any secrets. One question asked regarding a prior post here, is whether there might be a second season with WandaVision. The answer is that he actually don’t know but we do know that WandaVision will be tied in directly with Doctor Strange 2. With this knowledge, we still say that WandaVision has no intentions to become a second season.

Erik Voss and New Rockstars are mentioning in a video about the WandaVision commercials (video also below) and says that the “sitcom commercial breaks” represents Wandas past trauma. That also makes us believe that this really is a one-season series.

“The Incredible Hulk” was disputed to be part of the MCU by some fans – now it is confirmed

There has been disputes between fans whether the Edward Norton edition of “The Incredible Hulk” is really a part of the MCU – and a few fans claims that Iron Man was the first one and the Hulk movie was not counted as a MCU release. One argument is that since Edward Norton made the first version and therefore is not counted as an MCU movie, even if there are actually post credit scenes present that states the difference.

This is also important to keep our MCU timeline up straight and furthermore correct.

In an interview with Rotten Tomates, it is confirmed that The Incredible Hulk was a part of the MCU and the second movie, even if the watch order (chronologically) is different to the timeline. Hear Kevin Feige himself in the special video below.

The full interview about Phase one can be seen below.

Fans are rumouring a second season of WandaVision

This morning our feeds started to pop up questions about a season 2 of WandaVision. Whether this is true or not is unsure, but regarding some sites fans are still unsure if WandaVision will return for a second season and some of the medias that’s rumouring this, falsely tries to consider this already confirmed. Actually, they are already asking for the cast and a third season.

During an interview with Collider, Olsen said that WandaVision “could” possibly get renewed for a second season, but since this Disney+ series is supposed to initiate events for Phase 4, we currently see it unlikely that another season is far from possible. Especially since the current series is based on the aftermath of Endgame and Vision’s death.

Honestly, I don’t know why this is even happening, but probably it’s caused by the confirmed Loki season 2 series and an exaggerated will from fans. Especially since Kevin Feige have already stated that some of the MCU shows will only last for one season to bind into their announced features, while some shows are built with multiple seasons in mind.

Will Black Widow be pushed out of schedule again?

‘Black Widow’ is currently scheduled to kick off summer movies on May 7. The highly-anticipated movie was initially set to kick-off the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Phase 4, but has seen multiple delays over the last year due to Covid-19. Several medias now reports that there’s a risk that the movie could be delayed again. Industry experts and insiders have been speculating that Hollywood’s next round of release date delays will begin to impact the middle of 2021.

It is quite surprising though, that Disney and Marvel seem to not do the same as HBO are doing with their entire movie set for 2021, since this is only makes fans angrier. We’ve however seen weird twists before and the prior Disney+ trailer leak – if it was even legit (which we still don’t know) – said it could also be put on premier access. Disney reportedly has four weeks before they have to make a decision on the release date.

We still hope that our questions will be answered around 23rd february.

WandaVision Episode 6 nods at X-men – preparing for mutants (Spoilers)

This weeks episode of WandaVision has a few quite apparent easter eggs from the X-men franchise – and a hilarious nod to the Kick-Ass franchise by Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr that was once published by Marvel (even if the movies was branded through Marv Films and distributed by Lionsgate). Let’s take a look at the first most obvious easter eggs, while waiting for a further bunch of fan breakdowns, during this weekend.

While the show proceeds, there’s some shorter moments which opens up for both screaming hardcore fans and in fact reintroducing Maximoffs parents – and with that also Magneto (even if Irina and Oleg was considered Maximoff’s “parents” in episode 5).

Besides that, X-men has a smaller pre-introducing reference where Pietro mentions the “old XY chromosome” (more considered as the x-gene).

Clearly, this moment nods to the whole X-men franchise which will probably be imported through the multiverse.
A possible Magneto and Magda Eisenhardt reference (not Irina and Oleg Maximoff that was first referenced in episode 5).

Evan Peters had a role in Kick-Ass as Todd Haynes which is being brought up in this episode.

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