WandaVision Episode 8+9 breakdown update – and another episode 10 analyze

As we are leaving this weekend, there are also new breakdowns – both for episode 8 and the upcoming finale trailer of WandaVision. We are collecting our top favorite breakdowns here, as usual!

Emergency Awesome – Episode 8.
Emergency Awesome – Episode 9 Trailer Breakdown.
New Rockstars – Episode 8 breakdowns.

How about an Episode 10?

No. Disney+ did clarify that the next weeks episode is the absolute finale, by a new and better tweet. Earth-616 mentioned this yesterday here, with a headsup that next week after the finale will be filled with plenty of content even if the season streaming taking a break.

How about a season 2?

Charlie Schneider (Emergency Awesome) brought up this in the latest breakdown, telling that there are no season 2 under development. With Kevin Feige mentioned, he also quotes “Not developing season 2 right now, but never say never”.

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