Can we talk about Chloë Grace Moretz and Hit-Girl?

Ever since the first movies with Kick-Ass and Hit-Girl I’ve been a huge fan of them, even if Mark Millar took them with him over to Image Comics once in a time. This interest grew when I also found out about the comics (since I’ve not been there since the start). So I also feel a bit sad over that we probably won’t see them in the Marvel Universe.

For a long time, there was an idea to continue with Kick-Ass 3, as the comics had more volumes to transform into film, but as I’ve understood it at the actual time, Chloë turned down the third movie, due to the outcome of Kick-Ass 2.

The comics however continued, and took a turn with “The New Girl” volumes, with Patience Lee taking over Dave Lizewski as Kick-Ass. Even those comics took me with storm, and I still look for traces of continuity here. But still, this is Image Comics property.

Today, however, I stumbled into this video regarding Tom & Jerry and an interview with Chloë this year, where they shortly discussed her role as Hit-Girl, and she stated that she actually “could see a Hit-Girl-Style reprise” again! Let’s really hope that this opportunity will come one day.

The full interview is here!

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