Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal in Spider-Man No Way Home interview, hints about surprises in Hawkeye

In a recently released interview with Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal, not only Spider-Man comes up as a topic, but also details for serveral other projectas, like the Hawkeye series. Amy Pascal also mentions that they love working together with Tom Holland and will keep making movies with him. And as long as Marvel let Sony working together, they will do so!

But since we’re still waiting for the premiere, this part from the interview is also quite interesting – where the question about Kingpin is brought up.

“Whenever characters comes back into the Marvel Sandbox, it becomes another tool in the story telling ability of the MCU. And as I said before, the good news is … all will be revealed when people actually finally watch…”

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We also recommend you to watch this interview, from!

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