Marvel Studios Disney Day updates

Yesterday, it was time for the Disney Day 2021. Today is the day that we update the timeline schedules!
Most of the content coming up is already well know, however there’s a few updates too (listed below). Amongst them, is “Agatha House of Harkness” and “Marvel Zombies”, and a first preview of “Moonknight”.

As we’ve not yet taken in everything yet, more will probably come very soon, but here’s the complete list of titles presented in “Marvel Studios Disney Plus Day Special 2021” – you can stream it directly from here! Marvel.COM is also announcing the updates here.

EXCLUSIVE: Cast Announcement for ‘X-MEN ’97’

All titles coming up

At total, there’s now 16 upcoming titles!

Closest titles


Moon Knight


Ms Marvel

Confirmed for summer 2022.

And coming soon, in presented order!

I am Groot

The Guardians of The Galaxy – Holiday Special

What if…? Season 2


This titles has only been loosely discussed and rumoured, until now!

Loki Season 2

X-Men ’97

EXCLUSIVE: Cast Announcement for ‘X-MEN ’97’

Spider-Man Freshman Year


Agatha House of Harkness

Armor Wars

Marvel Zombies

Secret Invasion

New Rockstars is also rounding up the content below with more details!

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