Deadpool 3 vs Spider-Man

According to a portugese site, Tom Holland wants to be in Deadpool 3 as Spider-Man. The idea is fantasic since there could reside continuity in such thing and also follow comic book timelines. But with the Sony rights behind our backs, where Spider-Man is currently just borrowed to the MCU, how possible would this be to really happen?

According to the above linked site, there are also (very loose) rumours about Deadpool 4 in development which also is mentioned here. The rumour has been started by an insider – Daniel Richtman – at Patreon. But for a real confirmation, we’d have to wait.

There are neither any indication of the Spider-Man/Deadpool scenario happening anytime soon, but according to the insider Daniel Richtman, Tom Holland had shown the interest in Deadpool 3.

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