MCU Timeline Maintenance

The MCU Timeline references at has been cleaned up a bit after some discoveries. Some of the tables have been merged and updated so it should be easier to use again. Some changes made:

  • The table is again sortable (when using one-line merged cells, the platform will remove sort functions – so this has been fixed).
  • Missing IMDB references has been filled in for new upcoming series shown during the investor day.
  • The timeline list has at some point in editing been duplicated so there were two lists on the same page where one of them were out of sync. This has been fixed.
  • is no longer pointing to, it has its own host.
  • One column has been removed – the one that separated which content that resides on disney plus and whether the show belongs to tv-series or not has been merged. Everything in this column is now labeled like in the image below. We’ve also added a status telling you, if not on Disney+, where the show is. This far, Hulu has been added to Deadpool. When Disney+ releases Star/Star+ in Europe this might be updated depending on the actions Disney are taking.

Do you think there’s missing movies? Use the contact form here and tell us. Some movies is intenionally not included in the list but could be added on request.

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