Black Widow remains a theatrical release according to the shareholders meeting

With a quick check in our feeds, Black Widow seem to be remain a theatrical release. According to shortlist, Bob Chapek has confirmed that May 7 is still the release date and only for the big screen. They also say that cinemas in UK will open 17 May and therefore the film have to be delayed to get a UK release.

The release schedule was also confirmed by The Walt Disney Annual Meeting of Shareholders yesterday, which also will be the last meeting for Bob Iger – executive chairman and former CEO (2005-2020) of The Walt Disney Company as he leaves in the end of december.

They also mentioned being able to reopening theme parks (with limited capacity and strict health and safety protocols in place) and consumer product businesses, by making significant changes in how they manage and operate those parts in the company. This makes us believe that the date could remain unchanged, as long as everything goes as planned – both with reopening cinemas again, and the COVID vaccination speed.

What about premier access?

According to a rumour, not releasing Black Widow on premier access, is because of specific clauses in Scarlett Johanssons contract that prevents Disney and Marvel releasing it on Disney+. Scarlett Johanssons contract for the Black Widow movie has some special terms in it about how they are allowed to release it. Charlie “Emergency Awesome” Schneider talks about this in the below video, in the fifth minute of the video.

We do not have any more source about this (yet) than the video below.

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