Morbius is delayed – again

According to variety (origin) and, Morbius is delayed yet again (When this is written, Sony pictures has not updated the movie info yet), and will set to arrive to theaters 21 january 2022 (the first delay was set to Oct 8) – which is the weekend after MLK.

Our own page has been updated with this information too. Even though it won’t collide with the original MCU timeline, it is still a loss for the world of movies. Hopefully, not all theatrical releases 2021 will be moved further on and instead go PVOD.

MCU: Saturday maintenance and new release date for WandaVision S01E02

Since WandaVision is set for a double-header premiere next week (meaning, two episodes will be released instead of just one), we’ve also updated the MCU timeline with new release dates. The timeline is now also expanded with the full list of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier with IMDB references since they’ve been missing in the list. That said, the schedule is filled with series until the end of april and the followed by Black Widow. Morbius will be released between the series, but is currently not counted due to the circumstances (Sony and the fact that Morbius may only be vaguely related to the MCU).