Who is the aerospace engineer in WandaVision

The most interesting clue in the last episode of WandaVision is something that was mentioned in the New Rockstars breakdown recently. Some people may think that the aerospace engineer could be a nod to Fantastic Four, but as a hispanic subtitle translation refers the aerospace engineer to a female character this could have another final clue.

Who do you think this might be? One very wild guess could be leading us directly to one of Monica Rambeau’s allies from Captain Marvel.

When does WandaVision take place?

In the last episode breakdown from New Rockstars, occuring dates is covered in a video section. According to our recent information at the MCU timeline, Spider-Man: Far From Home now have a more accurate year set. As we follow WandaVision Episode 4, Monica Rambeau is one of many that disappeared with Thanos first snap and now returning to real life again. Episode 4 also sums up the rest of the Endgame to the confirmed five years: Maria Rambeau died two years after Monica disappeared, three years later the blip occurs – which gives us the five years from Infinity War.

Information that is followed also tells us that WandaVision occurs three weeks after Endgame, which fits very well with Hulk’s unsnap and we will in this case land in october-november 2023. Spider-Man: Far From Home, and Parkers trip, then occurs summer 2024.

The Nick Fury post credits in Spider-Man: Far from home occurs eight months after Endgame.

Two weeks until premiere – trailers are still dropping out from twitter

The twitter accounts WandaVision and Marvel Studios is dropping pleny of trailers right now. Here’s a smaller sum up of what’s published the last hours! One of the messages is about following the twitter account, that will contain new episodes (The WandaVision account).

Also, there are new posters out. Check them out below! Monica Rambeau and Agatha Harkness is included.

If you want to see what’s publised this far, go here and look!

Informative tweet of where to look for new episodes.

And one on Disney Channel!

So, now there’s only two weeks left!

Two weeks left!