Earth616 Recommendations

Do we reveal our sources? Of course. And some of them, we do like a little bit extra. Below there’s some of them!


The website is today quite a flat entrance of Marvel/Disney content, where each post generates possibiltites to communicate about the current subject. If you have a Facebook-account however, you may want to join the “masse” of engaged Marvel fans.

Currently, Earth616 is posting much of the material exclusively on the Facebook-page of ours, sometimes in a Swedish Marvel fanbase group, and in a group called “The Marvel Universe”. If you’re interesting in the communities, feel to join us and contribute!

Entertainment and news

Marvel Entertainment – The producers we follow.

Emergency Awesome – Totally worth it! Accurate, and emergency awesome!

New Rockstars – High class breakdowns, trailers and analytics!

There are several “theorists” that usually tend to not check on their sources. They are excluded from this list.

Producers with movie rights and involved streaming services

DisneyPlus – or Youtube.

Sony (Spider- and Venomverse) – or Youtube.

Universal (Incredible hulk standalones) – or Youtube.

Hulu (US only) – Home of Helstrom, etc.