Falcon and Winter Soldier ended – What’s up next?

With breakdowns of the season finale from Emergency Awesome and New Rockstars theorizing what will come – such as Sharon Carter in Secret Invasion – we now ask ourselves what’s up next since there will be a small gap in the time schedule before Loki starts. But first, New Rockstars mentions in the last breakdown of episode 6 that Sharon Carter “governmental access” also could open up for Armor Wars, a thing that I suspect that not everyone have been thinking of this far. But imagine; with access to techology directly linked to the government is perfectly referring to when stuff gets in the wrong hands.

While we still build the API we expect that next week will not be entirely empty, even if we haven’t checked the internet flows for a while. For example, the way Disney+ presenting the MCU right now, there should be a new episode of “Marvel Studios: Assembled” next week going for The Making of Falcon and the Winter Soldier.

And since the final episode of Captain America and The Winter soldier, there’s also a announcement of Captain America 4 that we are pushing out, both in the API and the prior MCU Timeline. This also opens up for a new extra resource for the API for what’s coming up next in order (Example: https://tools.tornevall.com/api/mcu/coming). In short, you should always be able to see what’s coming next in the schedule. Which leads us to the next point: HULU – and maybe also Star.

If don’t only count the TV-shows and MCU Films, the next thing coming in date order is as you can see above the M.O.D.O.K. animated series that was announced in february. A new post arrived at Marvel HQ just a few days ago. Even if it is supposed to be a HULU-only release, I do hope that it will be shared with Star also so that all Marvel hungry fans can continue digest more content during this spring and summer.

Do you have ideas for the MCU API?

Yeah, we’ve just included a search function in the MCU API. Parts of the API, when communicating with it, will automatically fetch some basic info from IMDB what will make the API partially searchable with a “find”-request.

If you have further ideas of what to include in a generic API for the MCU, feel free to get in touch! You can do it via the contact page.

For example, if you want to fetch all MCU related movies where Chris Evans has been an actor you can simply run a request like this: /api/mcu/find/Evans.

The finder API will then look for the data in some of the selected columns that will be returned in the request like this (be aware that the URL in the screenshot is a development server and is not guaranteed to always work). The database is also currently incomplete as this is built on tests.

We’re rebuilding the MCU Timeline – Making it available as an open API

From time to time it’s quite interesting to follow the MCU Timeline Documentation as it is continuously updated with release dates and occurances. The site is growing or changing at least once per week with new data and information for Disney+ amongst others. And since it is growing, the old documentation getting bigger.

Besides, the platform from Atlassian, is deprecated and server licensing will be removed soon. So we’re building the next timeline page as an open API instead. The first draft can be seen below, and it is aimed to be open for anyone (without authentication that is) – and is actuallt working even if the database is only halfway done.

API endpoint will be documented here and requests can at this moment be made with postman or a simple web browser!

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Yesterday, internet went crazy when the frist trailer of Shang-Chi dropped! I know that because, just a few hours before this happened I was asked for a trailer myself – after a link to an exclusive interview landed on my screen via Discord. So here it is – the trailer!

There are new breakdowns/reactions for the trailer, both from New Rockstars and Emergency Awesome.

Timeline Update – When’s in the MCU

Our apologies. We’ve – again – been a bit idle, due to life driven events. However, we’re still following the timeline of Marvel’s MCU. This sunday, New Rockstars released a Falcon and Winter Soldier breakdown, containing timeline stuff that we’d like to update. The full breakdown video is located below. We also want to add that there are plans to move out the old MCU timeline site to something that is easier to maintain than the current.

So, how do the timeline currently look? Our last guess, compared our own data with New Rockstars and Charlie “Emergency Awesome” Schneider’s, was around march 2024. Many of the calculations are based on rough weeks and months, and New Rockstars landed in april 2024.

This short video also explains the theory (Here’s the full breakdown!).

The arm scene, can be found in “Infinity War” and occurs shortly before the battle.

Loki trailer just dropped!

11 june, it’s time for Loki to enter the MCU again! Here’s the trailer.

Also, we have a brand new trailer for Black Widow released two days ago!

Trailers are also often followed by breakdowns. Here’s some of the first…

Emergency Awesome, Marvel and Thor 4 easter eggs.

Erik Voss as a trailer reaction here, with New Avengers Endgame timeline explainde!

Also, as Black Widow recently has a trailer release too, here’s a bonus breakdown from New Rockstars.

A Black Widow breakdown by Emergency Awesome here!

And last but not least, another Black Widow trailer breakdown, yesterday, from New Rockstars!